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RCUKs 1st review of the Wilier Cento Uno Air! New for 2014!

The Wilier Cento1AIR is an aggressive aero bike with an uncompromising, race-ready persona…

Wilier’s Cento1 platform has grown from one to three frames for model year 2014, with the existing Cento1SR – which won high praise when reviewed on RoadCyclingUK earlier this year – joined by the aero-profiled Cento1AIR in July and disc-specific Cento1Disc, spotted at Eurobike.

The Italian firm seemingly has all bases covered, then, and the Cento1AIR succeeds in offering the fast and exciting ride you’d expect from just looking at it. That comes at the cost of comfort, however, with the Cento1AIR best-suited to racing – it’s raison d’être, after all – and fast riding, rather long days in the saddle.

The chassis

The Cento1AIR is Wilier’s first fully-fledged aero bike after the Italian stalwarts previously dipped their toe in the water with the now-discontinued Imperiale, which had a smattering of aero features.

The Cento1AIR takes its aero design cues from Wilier’s Twinblade time trial frame, with aero tube profiles which are very slim when viewed from the front, to reduce the area exposed from the wind, but oversized when viewed from the side and top to boost stiffness. The tubes have a narrow, truncated Kammtail shape to help maintain stiffness while keeping the weight of an aeroprofiled tube to a minimum.

The ride

The Cento1AIR’s launch was low key and came with no numbers to highlight the frame’s aero benefit. Bike manufacturers typically like to shout from the rooftops that their latest machine is lighter/stiffer/faster/more aero (delete as applicable) than anything that has come before it.

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Wilier Stella featured on Total Women’s Cycling.

Modelled on the top selling Izoard XP men’s road bike, the ‘Stella’ is Wilier’s lastest foray into women’s cycling since the Mimosa XP in 2011, and it looks absolutely lovely. 

Considering the frequent debate over whether us ladies need female specific geometry for our bikes, it’s interesting to note that the Stella’s frame and fork are identical to those on Wilier’s Izoard, having been proportionally sized down. So in essence, the Stella is a small Izoard equipped with well thought out female specific parts and a really nice ladies paint job.

- Total Women’s Cycling

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RCUK take a 1st ride on the Wilier Cento Uno Air!

Cento UNO Air RCUK

Wilier’s first fully aero road bike, the Cento1AIR, was unveiled last month and is the latest machine to roll through the door at RoadCyclingUK HQ.

It’s a machine we first saw in the flesh at the dealer and press show of Wilier’s UK distributor, ATB Sales, who have sent us this Shimano Ultegra-equipped model for review.

The Cento1AIR is, as the name suggests, an aero version of the existing Cento1. Instead of creating an all-new aero bike, the Trieste-based brand has sought to combine the ride characteristics of the Cento1SR with the aerodynamics of the Twinblade time trial frame. That’s no bad thing – we described the Cento1SR as “one of the best all-rounders we have ridden” when we reviewed it last year.

The Cento1AIR is characterised tube profiles which, when viewed from the front, are super-slim in order to reduce the frontal area exposed to the wind, and, when viewed from the side, are oversized to offer the rigidity associated with the Cento1SR. We ran through the Cento1AIR’s key technical features, including the integrated fork/headtube, Kammtail-inspired tube profiles and proprietary seatpost, in our first look. Here we will take a look at the spec and offer some initial ride impressions.


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Wilier Cento Uno SLR on Bike Radar – 4.5 / 5 stars

cento uno slr bike radar


Wilier Triestina has taken full advantage of the BB386 EVO bottom bracket standard it developed with FSA and BH with the new Cento1SR’s hugely oversized tubes. It’s immensely stiff, as one would expect, but despite appearances it’s a fantastically comfortable bike for the long haul, too.

Ride & handling: Racy and comfortable

The Cento1SR’s enormous down tube and chain stays back up their visual brawn with plenty of bite. Standing up on the pedals returns a stout and solid foundation beneath you, power transfer feels immensely efficient, and there’s simply no sensation of wasted energy.

We’ve ridden plenty of stiff and efficient bikes, however. What’s far more impressive is how Wilier has managed to pair that rigidity with a surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride quality. Road buzz is well damped, with even nasty chip seal barely disrupting the frame’s silky glide across the pavement. Even so, the Cento1SR still isn’t blandly isolating, either, with plenty of useful information coming up through the bar and excellent road feel.

Even more unusually for such a healthily proportioned frame, bigger hits are well controlled, with the resilient frame taking the harsh edge off and staying pleasantly lively throughout. There’s no unnervingly hollow sound when you’re rolling along, either, as we’ve occasionally noted on some other big-tubed carbon bikes.

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